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Male Treatments

At Lyra Beauty we also offer a wide range of treatments suitable for our male clients. 


Lycon Precision Waxing is not just a wax, it’s a world renowned system with a celebrity following due to the fabulous results. Lycon hot wax is used at a very low melting temperature and is applied thickly to a perfectly cleansed skin. This unique wax formula shrink wraps around the hair as it dries enabling hairs as short as 1mm to be successfully removed virtually pain free.

Fully trained in the advanced virtually pain-free Lycon techniques which ensures total discreet and hygienic protection.


Using Lycon Hot Wax

15 minutes


Chest and Abdomen

45 minutes


Male Hollywood

1 hour 45 minutes

Penis, scrotum and bum cleavage.

(Hot Wax)

Full Back

30 minutes



1 hour 15 minutes

Male Brazilian

Penis and Scrotum

(Hot Wax)



30 minutes


Full buttocks wax including cleavage.

(Hot Wax)

15 minutes



(Hot Wax)

15 minutes




Including a scalp massage

Full Body Massage

75 minutes


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

35 minutes


Hot Stone Back Massage

35 minutes


Hot Stone Full Body Massage

90 minutes


Indian Head Massage

45 minutes


Environ Facials

This is a peptide or vitamin packed facial, dependant on what your skin needs - we can even add a peel. 
Using Environ  products, everything is tailored bespoke to you and your skin. We use the Ionzyme machine to really penetrate the products into the deeper layers of the skin, targeting your concerns. We leave it looking brighter and clearer. 
Results driven but very relaxing. 

60 Minutes



90  Minutes 

Eve Taylor Facials

Steam Facial

65 minutes


Perfect for those who skin needs a deeper cleanse. This facial includes a cleanse exfoliation and steam of the skin, steam is perfect for opening the pores and after any extractions of black/ white heads can be removed. Followed by a hydrating masque with a shoulder & facial massage.

Lyra Signature Facial

80 minutes


Most pampering facial of them all, the lyra facial is tailored to suit every clients skin concern. This facial starts with a cleanse then in to a light exfoliation followed by an aroma powered hot stone facial, shoulder and decollate massage. A tailored marine extract mask is applied to the face whilst carrying out a scalp and hand massage.

Collagen Facial

50 minutes


Great for those who want to try a facial and still get the benefits, this facial is a collagen infused facial. Cleansing the skin followed by a tailored collagen infuse mask including a facial and decollate massage. Perfect for those who need a pick me up.

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